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Water Reuse Europe launch!

A new industry association for the European water reuse sector, Water Reuse Europe, has been formally launched today. The association offers a range of services for both commercial companies and public organisations involved in water reuse scheme design, operation, and regulation.

Water reuse is playing an increasingly important role in the pursuit of sustainable water management and recent years have seen significant growth in the number of industrial, agricultural, and municipal reuse schemes across Europe. However, the sector has lacked a single unifying body through which it can share best practice and develop a single voice on important issues. Water Reuse Europe provides the collective space within which these ambitions can be achieved. Its mission is to create a collective identity for the European water reuse sector and promote an innovative and dynamic industry.

Being a member of Water Reuse Europe will enable companies, public bodies, trade associations and research institutions to take advantage of stimulating opportunities for knowledge exchange, advocacy, and education. It will provide organisations with access to news and information about the latest developments in the reuse market and enable them to take advantage of specialist conferences, seminars, and workshops. 

Professor Paul Jeffrey, Professor of Water Management at Cranfield University and Chair of the WRE Board of Directors said: “Water reuse is going to be an important part of the mix of techniques which delivers sustainable and resilient water services. Europe now has an industry focused association dedicated to ensuring that the European water reuse sector is able to deliver innovative and safe water reuse solutions. With the global water reuse sector growing at about 20% per annum, Water Reuse Europe will also ensure that European products, services, and expertise are accessible to communities around the world. ”

Other advantages of being a member of Water Reuse Europe include access to the members directory, the abstracts library with more than 3000 entries, up to date news from the European and global water reuse sectors, technical reports and a database of water reuse schemes.

The new association will deliver a significant boost to Europe's water reuse sector according to Philippe Bréant, Projects Director at Veolia Research & Innovation and a member of the WRE Board of Directors. "Water Reuse Europe provides the support, ambition, and coordination needed to rapidly grow the European water reuse industry and create a truly global player in this increasingly

More information about how to become a member of Water Reuse Europe can be found at